Ship leasing

We offer you one more tool for purchasing a small vessel - Leasing .

Our leasing program is designed for those who want to significantly reduce their costs for the purchase and subsequent ownership of the vessel. Leasing small boats allows you to take water transport for long-term lease for a long period, and then buy it at a residual cost. Until the full payment of funds under the contract, the ship remains on the balance sheet of the lessor.
Advantages of leasing of small vessel:

  • the property can be used immediately after the conclusion of the leasing agreement;
  • Savings on income tax and property tax;

The lessee can choose the most convenient payment schedule, depending on the seasonality and time of navigation. Benefit from leasing can not only legal entities - companies and entrepreneurs using this type of transport for business purposes, but also individuals.
Individuals can purchase a small vessel for leasing in a simplified procedure: in three documents, without confirmation of income and employment.
Our conditions:

  • Advance payment 15 – 50%
  • Annual percentage is from 4%
  • The term of the leasing contract is 12 - 120 months

Request for leasing
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