MarineProMetalBoats - production multifunctional diesel-aluminum boats

Marine Pro Metal Boats is producing the multipurpose aluminum boats with diesel engines.
Marine Pro Metal Boats Ltd was founded in 2005 as a member of TOP MARINE Group of Companies and focused on construction and servicing of marine rescue equipment.

The company’s strategy is creation of a product that ensures operation, maintenance and spare parts at lower costs.

Marine Pro’ boats are the aluminum crafts equipped with diesel engines for operation under extreme conditions:
- Multipurpose utility boats;
- Search-and-rescue boats;
- Commercial boats;

The hull is made of AMG alloy being robust, light, corrosion resistant and easy for maintenance.
It has deep-V hull configuration for reliable operation in storm conditions.

The reliable propulsion unit consists of Hyundai Seasall marine diesel engine with a drive shaft which ensures cost effective maintenance.

Cost efficiency with low fuel consumption due to small weight of hull and high-performance and fuel-efficient diesel engine.

The low operating costs due to the power equipment of commercial class and low cost of consumables.

RMRS certification for search-and-rescue boats (fast rescue boats).

Certification by State Inspection of Small Vessels for the utility boats (sailing area of Category IV, Class I for the difficulty of navigation, the sea area or inland water basin with one percent occurrence of wave heights up to 3.0 meters and distance from shore up to 20 miles (sea routes, inland waterways).

CE certification (Conformité Européenne) for commercial boats [B-Offshore category]. Category B – Offshore: includes boats operating offshore with
- storm up to 8 points(winds to 40 knots)
- wave height up to 4 m

category developed by Institute Recreational Craft and approved by CE Directive No. 94/35/CE